New Horizon Mine

New Horizon Mine was developed in 1993 as a fuel resource to Tri-State's recently acquired Nucla Station. The mining operation is located about five miles from the power plant, outside the town of Nucla, Colo.

The permitted mine site encompasses approximately 1,100 acres and employs approximately two dozen employees. Mine personnel use the truck and shovel method to remove overburden and expose and extract the coal from beneath the surface. The mine's equipment fleet includes four bulldozers, an industrial-scale shovel and three 100-ton trucks.

New Horizon Mine supplies several thousand tons of low-sulfur, crushed coal to Nucla Station each month, transported by over-the-road 25-ton haul trucks.

New Horizon Mine facts

  • Developed by Tri-State subsidiary, Elk Ridge Mining and Reclamation, LLC., in 1993
  • 25-30 employees
  • Equipment includes three 100-ton haul trucks and four bulldozers
  • Transportation by truck (approx. five miles) to Nucla Station
  • Annual production: over 200,000 tons